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DIRECT TV or DIRECTV in Albuquerque

DIRECTV or DIRECT TV in Albuquerque


Its All About Satellites - ATT DIRECTV Authorized Dealer

Whether you spell it DIRECTV, DIRECTTV or DIRECT TV, Its All About Satellites is the premier DIRECTV dealer in Albuquerque and across New Mexico and the Southwest USA and has been since 1996.

As the the oldest and largest Authorized DIRECTV Dealer in Albuquerque, we bring more than 20 years experience serving Albuquerque and New Mexico to the table and have thousands of satisfied DIRECTV customers in:

DIRECTV for Your Home

Bars & Restaurants
– Medical, Dental & Health Care Offices
Automotive Service and Sales
– Gyms and Fitness Centers
– Hair and Nail Care Salons
– Private Offices

DIRECTV for Hotels & Hospitality

DIRECTV for Assisted Living & Long Term Care
Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Long Term Care and other Senior Living Facilities 

You get all the benefits of our experience & the unmatched TV experience from DIRECTV.


DIRECTV offers the Ultimate TV Experience, the Most Sports and the Most Advanced TV technology.

At home or on the go, DIRECTV is your ultimate source for the best in video entertainment.

    • Watch your favorite movies and shows anywhere –  on your TV, laptop, tablet, or cell phone.
    • DIRECTV offers more full-time HD channels and more sports than anyone—no other TV provider comes close.
    • And cutting-edge technology takes your entertainment experience to a whole new level.


Call Its All About Satellites today for:

DIRECTV Residential
DIRECTV 2 Year Price Guarantee Offer - Its All About Satellites Authorized DIRECTV Dealer

The 2 Year Price Guarantee Offer
from DIRECTV is Here!

“If you want the best TV service for your money, you wont get it from DISH or Cable. There’s a reason why every 9 seconds someone switches to DIRECTV.”

DIRECTV Packages Starting at just $50.00 per month!

ATT DIRECTV 2 Year Guarantee Offer Price Details - Its All About Satellites


The Ultimate TV Experience for Your Home


DIRECTV for Business

Give Your Customers the TV Experience that
Reduces Perceived Wait Time and Increases Customer Satisfaction

DIRECTV for Business from Its All About Satellites

PLUS the Get the Exclusive Marketing Resources to Increase Your Business

from DIRECTV MVP Marketing for Bars and Restaurants

DIRECTV for Hotels and Motels

Give Your Guests The Same TV Experience They Love At Home
At a Price That Will Make You Smile!

DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels


DIRECTV for Assisted Living and Senior Care

DIRECTV for Assisted Living, Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facilities

Call 1-800-951-1979 or 505-296-9423 Today


For more information about
DIRECTV for Home,
DIRECTV for Business
DIRECTV for Bars and Restaurants,
DIRECTV for Hotels
DIRECTV for Senior Care and Assisted Living Facilities

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Its All About Satellites is your Authorized Local DIRECTV Dealer in Albuquerque