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Hospitality and Hotel TVs – Pro:Idiom and Commercial Grade

Hospitality & Hotel TVs – Pro:Idiom & Commercial Grade

Hospitality Televisions LCD, LED & Plasma Hotel TVs

Hotel TVs

When you start looking for hotel TVs you have many options. Some of those options depend on the type of hotel television system you have or need to install, some will be your brand requirements, and some will be based on your budget.

It’s All About Satellites is your one stop shop for Hospitality and Hotel TVs at manufacturer direct pricing.   We have the experience that you are looking for finding the TVs that best fit your property’s needs and the expertise installing them quickly and cost effectively.

Hotel TV Types

The type of Hotel TV System you choose and your brand requirements will determine the type of Hotel TVs you need.

Pro:Idiom TVs

Today’s high definition HD & 4K Headend Hotel Televisions Systems require an encrypted signal which prevents piracy to deliver the digital Satellite TV signal to your guest rooms. Pro:Idiom is a digital rights management encoding developed by LG and is one of the most widely used.  

Pro:Idiom encrypted signals are decoded by a built in converter in a Pro:idiom Hospitality TV.

Com3000 Pro:Idiom headend systems are the ideal Pro:idiom encrypted TV delivery systems for hotels, especially hotels that do not have “home run” wiring  and require a Pro:Idiom compliant Hotel TV to decrypt the signal.

Commercial Grade Hospitality HD TV vs Consumer-grade

DIRECTV Guest Welcome Screen PRO and UIEvolution Experience Manager for the DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels and the COM2000

If your property has a hotel television system that does not require Pro:idiom encryption built into the TVs, like the New DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels (DRE) and other L-Band Hotel TV distribution systems, commercial-grade Hotel TVs can be used and this can provide your hotel with a large price savings.

The DIRECTV Residential Experience and other L-Band  Hotel TV systems typically provide encryption through a small encryption box (about the size of a hardback book today) that can be easily hidden by being mounted to the wall, on the back of the TV depending on the size and brand, or to the back of a desk.


For the DIRECTV Residential Experience Hotel television system a 32″ or larger HD TV is recommended.


Consumer-grade TVs are not recommended for hospitality useSamsung Warranty UN65C8000XFXZA Consumer vs commercial grade Hotel TV

Because most consumer TV warranties are not valid in commercial use and more importantly because commercial-grade hospitality TVs have an IR pass through jack that allows use of RF remotes and you can lock guests out of the TVs settings.

Setting or input changes by guests on consumer-grade HD TVs can result in frequent calls to the front desk to troubleshoot TV “issues”. Commercial-grade TVs allow you to prevent these types of calls.


It’s All About Satellites offers Pro:Idiom compliant and Commercial-grade Hotel TVs from Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic & more top brands – LCD, Plasma and LED Hotel TVs.

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