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TV for Hotels – L-Band Hotel TV Distribution Systems

L-Band Hotel TV Distribution Systems

Managed DRE Backbone 96 Receivers

Managed DRE L-Band Backbone 96 Receivers

L-Band Hotel TV distribution systems are one of the most common types of television systems currently used in the Hospitality industry with over 20,000 installations in the US according to the SBCA.

An L-Band type system distributing a satellite television signal in a hotel television system is commonly known as a SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV) system.

DIRECTV offers both managed and un-managed L-band distribution systems as part of its DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels.

TV for Hotels - DIRECTV Residential Experience DRE vs DRE Plus FSI Q4 2018Click on image above or CLICK HERE to download Q4 2018 Brochure


L-Band Satellite TV Distribution Systems

An alternative to the COM3000 HD/4K Headend System for the SMATV / Hotel customer.

An L-Band Hotel TV distribution system is best described as a video service for multi-client properties provided via satellite antennas where a receiver placed at each television is used to make the channel selection (each receiver receives the full programming package).

DIRECTV H25 Receiver for the DIRECTV Residential Experience

The receiver or set top box is generally located near to or attached to each television and no specific type of hospitality TV is required (similar to a residential installation).

In a COM3000 head end system, one receiver (or blade) carrying two channels is placed in a headend rack system and the encrypted signal distributed via RF output to the guest rooms. COM3000 headend systems require a Pro:Idiom TV in each room to decrypt the signal and channel availability is limited by the number of receivers/blades used in the headend rack system.


Home Run Type Wiring Provides Best Options

Hotel properties with “Home Run” type cabling to each of the guest rooms (each TV outlet is directly connected to the distribution point), have the best L-Band Hotel TV distribution options available to them including:

  • Access to a full Lodging & Institutions channel lineup with 100+ HD channels.
  • An interactive programming guide
  • A co-branded user interface (Hotel Logo on interactive programming guide)
  • Up to 50 pages of local content (welcome screen, hotel activities & restaurants, etc…)
  • A simplified remote with anti microbial finish


The DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels system (DRE) is the newest and best example of an L-Band  hotel TV distribution system.

Pro:Idiom TV for Hotels - DIRECTV - Its All About Satellites - DIRECTV Hospitality Solutions Dealer

DIRECTV’s new Residential Experience for Hotels is an L-Band Hotel TV distribution system that provides your guests with the same TV viewing experience & programming options they have at home including the channel guide they are used to using at home, 100+ channels in HD, HD Digital Video Recorders (DVRs); and is available to your hotel with low upfront costs for the tv distribution equipment, receivers and remotes.

Does Your Hotel Have Loop-Through Wiring?

Recently DIRECTV began offering the DIRECTV Residential Experience system for hotel properties with loop-through or “daisy chain” wiring configurations. To find out if your property qualifies, please call Barry at Its All About Satellites to schedule a site survey for your hotel.


Benefits of an L-Band System

One of the biggest benefits of L-Band Hotel TV distribution systems is that they do not require the more expensive Pro:Idiom type Hospitality TVs to provide HD programming to your guest rooms. Its All About Satellites can work with or provide you with most brands of commercial TVs at manufacturers direct pricing.

L-Band Hotel TV distribution systems allow you to give your guests the HD programming they are demanding in a very economical manner. They are a perfect option for smaller hotels & motels because they do not require upfront equipment investments.

An L-Band Hotel TV distribution system is also a great option for hospitals, dormitories and assisted living facilities.


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