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DIRECTV Sports Fix Guide

DIRECTV Sports Fix Guide


Your Guide to All the Sports On DIRECTV This Week

The DIRECTV Sports Fix Guide is a weekly calendar listing of all the sporting events that are available on DIRECTV for Bars and Restaurants this week.

You can use this guide to plan your specials and marketing for the week, inform your customers about upcoming games, and help your staff understand what channels the games your customers are asking to see are on and at what time.

Please feel free to print this handy guide out and give it to your customers so they can plan their sports viewing each week.

The Sports Fix Guide is Part of the DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program

The Sports Fix Guide Calendar is just one service our Bar and Restaurant customers receive for FREE as part of the DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program. In addition to the FREE marketing materials and services like the Sports Fix Guide , DIRECTV Sports Bar Finder App, Sports ROI Calculators and Marketing Advice and Help, DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program also makes available deeply discounted marketing materials like banners, posters, entry decals and even pitchers, glasses and coasters to help you let your customers and potential customers know that you have sports on DIRECTV playing at your Bar or Restaurant.

You can find out more about the DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program HERE

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