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Its All About Satellites has installed and sourced Hotel Television Systems, Commercial and Hospitality TVs and DIRECTV Satellite programming for Hotels, Motels and Casinos across the southwest USA.

These are just a few of our satisfied local customers:


Its All About Satellites installs and services hotel television systems for most major Hotel Brands including:

It's All About Satellites Hotel Customers

From: Ralph Stuart>
Date: Mon, Jun 24, 2024 at 11:35 AM
Subject: Hey Barry !!!!! Testimonial/Customer Relations ‘What Other People Are Saying’ from Blackstone Hotsprings
To: Barry Conley <>, Armando Lopez <>

Hello Barry,

I wanted to Thank You for all the Outstanding Service and personal attention to our account at Blackstone Hotsprings in Truth or Consequences.

It is a pleasure as always to speak with you on the phone Saturday (Off Hours) to personally take my call. Our DirecTV System your company installed back in 2009 has been amazing over the years!!! We started with a personal unit in 2009, as we renovated the property over several years, and added updated HD equipment, that was the newest TV technology. (That is still working:)
Now we are ready to get new remotes and replace boxes.

Our location 150 miles south of ABQ is never a problem too which we are grateful for you traveling this far! Since Truth or Consequences is named after a TV show from 1950, it’s important to have the best quality TV reception and equipment for our guests! You and Armando continually provide us with ‘Home Runs’ on all the guest ‘bases’……..Quality Service, Great Product, and Excellent Professionalism and Experience.

As new rooms were gutted and rebuilt at our small hotel, we graduated to a Commercial Client status. We added another property across the street and had two major renovations on that property, you and Armando planned and delivered and installed our replacement satellite’s, new boxes, and equipment. It’s always seamless and I appreciate the opportunity to Thank You and your staff!
(there were new roofs involved on two buildings).

I hope you will get the opportunity to be our guest sometime soon and enjoy the healing waters of the Mineral Hot Springs! Please pass along our thanks to Armando and let us know when you or your team can be our guest. I personally recommend the Superman Suite:) We chose Vintage TV Shows to name our Guest Rooms…..Roy Rogers, Golden Girls, I Dream of Jeannie, and nine more.

Best Regards,

Ralph & Rob Stuart
Blackstone Hotsprings, Owners

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