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Video on Demand (VOD) Systems

Video on Demand (VOD) Systems


Video on Demand VOD for Hotels


Video-on-Demand and Pay-per-View Television Systems

Whether you have installed a COM3000 Pro:Idiom 4K/HD Headend system or an IPTV Hotel Television system in your hotel, video on demand is the perfect addition to your Free-to-guest entertainment system.

Video-on-demand (VOD) can provide a your guests with more options in entertainment including Movies and Special Events and allows you to turn the TV in your guest rooms into a revenue stream – quickly, easily and affordably.

100% digital pay-per-view systems specifically designed for the hospitality industry are engineered to run on the existing TV cable distribution network in your hotel. Emerging technology enables real-time delivery of high quality Video-on-Demand content to the TV sets in each hotel room with integrated PMS functionality to ensure ease of payment at check out.

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