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TV for Healthcare – Pro:Idiom TVs or Set Top Boxes No Longer Required


Pro:Idiom TVs or Set Top Boxes No Longer Required

TV for Healthcare. With the NEW receiver-less HD TV systems on the market, you no longer have to buy expensive specialty TVs or use Set Top Boxes in each room to have Digital HD TV delivered to your residents and patients.

A Better Solution

Receiver-less HD TV systems get rid of the need for Pro:Idiom TVs or a set top receiver.  Receiver-Less HD TV systems are head-end based solution delivering HD content directly to TVs. That means there is no receiver and no mess!

This new TV system uses existing COM2000/COM3000 head-end technology with the MPEG-4 audio visual digital tuner already built-in to the TV/display device, bypassing any need for a Pro:Idiom enabled TV or a receiver box. This means you and your residents just use their TV as normal while still getting HD programming.

  • COM2000/COM3000 head-end based technology
  • 100% HD digital
  • Up to 138 channels in 12″ of rack space
  • Lowest-cost solution available
  • Ability to add additional features (including Android set top box for Over the-Top (OTT) services)


What are the limitations?

Currently, premium content providers require a specialty Pro:Idiom enabled TV or a set top receiver in order to view their content. If you are not providing your residents with the movies and other original content from these providers, you will love the savings a receiver-less HD system will give you.

You must have newer Mpeg-4 TVs to provide HD signal or provide your residents with a standard definition signal to the TVs. If you are still using older Mpeg-2 TVs, it will require a transcoder that can step down the signal from HD to standard definition.

  • Must Have Mpeg-4 TVs or use a transcoder that delivers 480P standard definition
  • No Premium Channels Allowed (HBO/SHOWTIME/CINEMAX/STARZ)
  • Scrolling Channel Guide

The New receiver-less HD TV systems for Healthcare, Assisted Living, Long Term Care, Senior Living, and Hospitals provides you with a lower cost installation that does not require Pro:Idiom enabled TVs or set top boxes.

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