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The 7 Critical Factors for Choosing the Perfect TV System for your Senior Living Facility

TV for Assisted Living & Senior Care

When it comes to TV for your Senior living facility, what are the features that fit both your needs and the needs of your residents?

When you are looking at a TV system for your Senior care or assisted living facility, what are you looking for? Our assisted living and senior care customers have told us that the 7 most important things they are looking for in a TV system and TV provider are:

Familiarity – The same remote, channels and channel guide that senior residents and your staff are familiar with at home. Provides a level of comfort for seniors and staff.

Functionality – Care management system integration with interactive features and a welcome guide for residents.

Messaging – Utilize for new tenant welcome, reality orientation, activities calendars, Birthday or anniversary notices, interactive messaging, facility wide broadcasts and more.

Choice – A full residential lineup of 100 + channels customized for your facility.

DVR Service – The ability for residents to record movies and shows for playback later.

Cost – The price of cable TV for Senior living facilities has skyrocketed in recent years. Cutting costs has become a major priority.

Expertise – Senior living and Senior care facilities have concerns that hotels & other lodging facilities do not. Its expertise in TV systems that fit Assisted Living and Senior Care facilities that you need.

DIRECTV Residential Experience for Senior Living Complexes, Assisted Living Centers and Nursing Homes

Give your residents all the comforts of home with the DIRECTV Residential Experience.

DIRECTV is the ultimate entertainment solution for raising resident satisfaction and revenue. Satellite television from DIRECTV provides an affordable Senior Living TV solution for your residents and your Assisted Living or Senior Care facility.

Satisfy your current senior residents & impress potential residents with the same DIRECTV entertainment experience, satellite TV programming & remote they are familiar with at home.

Enjoy a full residential lineup with over 100 channels in HD or pick the channels you want ala carte.

Keep your residents entertained and happy with the latest news, the best sports, movies and their favorite TV shows on DIRECTV.

Protect your residents health with an anti-microbial remote control that limits germs.

Communicate with the residents of your assisted living or senior care facility with interactive 50 screen guide. Built into the system!

Save up to 50% off what you are paying for cable with no upfront equipment charges.

Make your residents feel at home with the DIRECTV Residential Experience!


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Senior TV is a registered trademark of Stellar Private Cable Systems Inc.
The use of the phrase in this article is not in reference to the company Senior TV nor is it meant to imply association with said company.

It is used only as a generic reference to TV and TV systems for Senior Care and Senior Living Facilities.

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