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NCAA® March Madness® Promotional Materials Now Available from DIRECTV MVP Marketing

DIRECTV MVP Marketing March Madness Promotional Kit 2021 - Its All About Satellites

DIRECTV MVP Marketing March Madness Promotional Materials for 2021


Are You Ready to Promote March Madness in Your Bar or Restaurant?

NCAA® MARCH MADNESS® tips off on March 18th (First Four) and DIRECTV has the marketing tools you need to drive business to your BAR & RESTAURANT all tournament long.

The 67 games of the NCAA Basketball Tournament make it the #1 viewed event in the U.S.

The March Madness promotional materials available for DIRECTV Bar and Restaurant customers this year include:

  • 2’ by 5’ banner
  • 24” by 36” poster
  • 26.5” by 36” tournament bracket
  • Coasters


How Do You Get These March Madness Promotional Materials

Simply log in to your account at and order your March Madness promotional materials using “credits” you have earn from being a DIRECTV customer and buying premium sports packages like NFL SUNDAY TICKET®.


7 Tips to Successfully Market March Madness
at Your Bar or Restaurant

Once you get your DIRECTV March Madness promotional kit, what then? Well we have your back.We wrote a whole article about how you can use these marketing materials to let your customers know that March Madness will be on your TVs.

Even if your restaurant wouldn’t usually be confused with a sports bar, this is still a golden opportunity to pick up additional business.
• 34% of consumers choose to go to bars or restaurants that offer special deals for the games
• 25% choose the establishment with the best TVs
• 19% choose the place with the best food and drink choices
• 17% go to their favorite restaurant and bar
• 4% go to wherever fans of their favorite team will gather

One in four men said they’d go to a bar to watch at lunch. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get extra people in your door during late March and early April!

Will they be watching it at your bar or restaurant?
March Madness Fun Fact!!

The odds of filling out a perfect bracket are one in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808! Good luck!


For a complete listing of the games and times, visit


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