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Free up staff time to focus on what matters most

CAAVO TV Based Patient Engagement Technology from Its All About Satellites - Staff communications with patients through the TV saves time and money

Its All About Satellites will be at the 2023 ACHA Convention and Expo July 25-27 demonstrating TV-based technology for your assisted living, nursing home, or senior living community

WiFi Boy Ted Maes of Its All About Satellites at the 2021 Arizona Healthcare Association Convention

What’s the 5-letter word that’s on every operators mind today?

If you said STAFF, you win.

Labor shortages. Overworked. Satisfaction. Productivity. It’s a lot.

No amount of employee of the month awards, thank you notes, or Taco Tuesdays is going to solve it.

Doing more with less is the name of the game in this labor market.

There is a technology already installed in every room that gives you a huge opportunity to transform how your staff spends their time and allows you to serve your patients better.

It will make your staff happier AND more efficient.

This one is only two letters: TV

Your patients spend 7.5+ hours per day with the TV on. It’s the technology they are most comfortable using.

What if the TVs that are already in every room in your community could be a tool to make your staff more productive

Caavo TV-centered patient engagement technology from Its All About Satellites - save staff time, increase patient engagement and satisfaction

Think automated tasks. Time saving, reliable patient and staff communications. Wellness Checks. Virtual caregiving options, for both your staff and patient family members. Information like menus and events. Eliminate time sucking calls for dead batteries in remotes or other calls for staff to “come fix my TV”.

Technology that will free up staff time to focus on what matters most – patient care.

Caavo’s TV-connected platform brings video calls, wellness checks and assistance requests to any TV (even if the screen is off) and allows staff and families to remotely control the TV, from anywhere.

Virtual caretaking options and automated communication tools save staff time so they can focus on meaningful face-to-face interaction.

Come by our booth in the expo and find out more!

  • Ask us about staff and patient engagement technology to make it easier and less time consuming to provide the quality care you work so hard to do everyday.
  • Ask us about entertainment technology that will keep your community both more satisfied and more engaged. TV systems designed to make your job easier and your residents happier.
  • Ask us about internet and Wi-Fi solutions that make both of those possible and secure.

Get a live demonstration either at the expo or at a time that fits your schedule for technology that can help you save staff time, improve the quality of care your community provides, and improve the satisfaction of both your staff and your residents.

Can’t Make It This Year?

Call 800-951-1979 Today

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can make your staff more effective, consume less time,
and make everyone in your community more satisfied

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