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Days Inn, Super 8 & Wyndham Properties,
Do You Have Flat Screen TVs Yet?
We Can Help.

Wyndham recently mandated that all properties under the Wyndham flag including Days Inn, Super 8 and others, have high definition flat screen TVs installed by March 8th, 2015.

If you are one of the properties scrambling to have TVs and a new HD hotel television system installed by the deadline, we can help.

Its All About Satellites is an Authorized DIRECTV Hospitality and Institutions Dealer and we specialize in fast installs. In most cases we can have your system designed, financed and installed within a week.

We Feature DIRECTV DRE and Com2000 HD Headends

TV for Hotels - 48 Channel Com2000 HD Headend vs 24 Channel SD Headend

A New 48 Channel DIRECTV Com2000 HD Headend next to a 24 Channel SD Headend


The DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels or DRE is a revolutionary system that gives your guests all the comforts of TV at home and a cost effective solution for you.

The Com2000 HD Headend is for those hotels that because of existing infrastructure or cabling need a headend type hotel TV system. The New Com2000 headend takes up a fraction of the space of older headend systems, uses only 225 amps of electricity and is half the cost of the Com1000 Pro:idiom HD Headend.


100% Financing Available

Its All About Satellites has 100% financing available for both the equipment and the installation. You can even roll any renovation costs into your financing.


So call Barry today at 800-951-1979 to schedule a free site survey.

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