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Write Powerful Menu Descriptions That Increase Profits for Restaurants

We recently found this incredible article about how you can improve your menu descriptions to increase your profits, that we all thought would be of great value to our Bar and Restaurant customers.

This new article is based on a series of interviews with restaurant menu engineering expert Gregg Rapp. Gregg is one of the top people in the hospitality industry and has been featured on NBC Today, CBS News, and ABC, as well as many hospitality industry publications and events.

The article is more than just a list of helpful tips, it goes further to help restaurant owners and chefs learn a set of best practices so that you can create descriptions that better define your restaurant and increase your profits.


How to Write Powerful Menu Descriptions That Increase Profits

How to Write Powerful Menu Descriptions that Increase Sales and Profits

The Expert: Gregg Rapp, Menu Engineer | September 2016

  • At most restaurants, menu descriptions are a lifeless list of ingredients
  • A good description adheres to a set of best practices, and you don’t have to be a writer to benefit from them
  • When written well, descriptions convey the soul of your restaurant and lead to higher profits


A very big problem I see with most restaurants is that they describe their menu items with a lifeless list of ingredients. This is unfortunate, because menu descriptions allow you to share the heart and soul of your restaurant with customers and can have a defining impact on a restaurant’s reputation and profits. They really are that important. In particular, they can positively impact your restaurant in the following ways:

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