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Universities – Stream TV to Any Device AND Get HBO/Cinemax FREE



Philo for universities and Dorms - DIRECTV

Philo provides a multichannel, multi-screen experience to students in university environments. Authorized on-campus resident students can watch all the DIRECTV content they love, in all the ways they want to watch – on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and TVs. Students can use live TV to stay up to date on their favorite programs and sports events, or fit viewing into their schedules with recordings on their personal network DVRs.

Plus, as a way of delivering even more top content, if a university has or purchases HBO as part of its channel lineup, Philo will be able to offer HBO GO® service on top of the existing bulked HBO subscription! Cinemax® and MAX GO® are also available at no additional cost if the university subscribes to HBO and offers HBO GO®.

What is Philo?

Philo brings Internet television to college campuses. For students, Philo provides a compelling online TV experience which they can watch
on a television or laptop. Students can watch live, streaming TV or use the built-in DVR to record their favorite shows. It’s everything they
love about TV, available anywhere on campus.

For IT departments, Philo leverages your existing campus data network to provide TV Everywhere service for your on-campus residents.
Philo service can decrease external bandwidth needs, provide high-quality video without unduly impacting your network, and give students
the great content they want without resorting to illegal downloads (and subsequent DMCA requests).

Reduce Inbound Traffic

It’s no secret that the demands of online video from Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, strain your university’s external bandwidth. Unlike those
services, Philo lives inside the campus LAN. The service delivers high quality, content-rich video straight to students, without consuming
your external bandwidth.

High Quality Video, Gentle on Your Network

Philo uses adaptive bitrate (ABR) technology to stream video across your campus network. This technology allows us to adapt the quality
of the stream to fit the available bandwidth to each student. This means you don’t need to worry about oversaturation of your network
while students enjoy Philo.

Call Its All About Satellites Today
for more information on Philo for your university
800-951-1979 or 505-296-9423



New and existing DIRECTV Lodging & Institutions (HTL) customer accounts (Universities only) who sign up for a new 5-year agreement are now eligible to receive HBO® and Cinemax® at no additional cost for the entire term of your agreement!

Details and rules:
Available for contracts signed after 6/1/14 Offer is valid for 5-year agreements executed prior to 9/30/16 Will run for up to 5 years after contract execution Requires selection of HBO add-on package at no additional cost to property Renewal contracts will be subject to an Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) of $2.75 prpm Requires HBO GO® authentication (available through Philo; however, does not require Philo IPTV) HBO GO® authentication must be deployed within 3 months of property launch or renewal contract execution.

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