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This is the Most Exciting News in Hotel Television Systems in Years


The DVR’s Are Coming, the DVR’s are Coming!

DVRs for Hotels

DIRECTV has announced that Phase Two of their revolutionary DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels (DIRECTV DRE) will include digital video recorders for hotels.

Your hotel guests will be able to have a TV experience in your hotel room that is even more like the DIRECTV experience they have at home. Extended Stay hotel guest can now have a home away from home TV experience.

With DIRECTV’s exclusive DVR for Hotels,
your guests will be able to:

Pause, rewind and record live television – With a DVR in your hotel room your guests will never miss their favorite shows even when traveling away from home

Use DIRECTV’s faster, smarter interactive programming guide to find their favorite programming – Now its easier to find and record their favorite shows.

With DIRECTV’s DVR for Hotels
on the DIRECTV Residential Experience ,
your hotel
will be able to:

Insert up to 50 pages of interactive hotel content programming guide – now you can customize the experience of staying in your hotel with pages of content that are specific to you and your area.

Protect your guests from germs – with the new simpler to use, anti-microbial remote control. The remote includes a hex screw on the battery cover to further protect guests.

Stay tuned in the weeks to come for news about pricing and availability in your area.

The DVR’s are coming. Contact Us Today! 1-800-951-1979
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Or click here for the full press release about the new DIRECTV DVR for your hotel.

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