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The Science Behind Music and TV for the Hospitality Industry

Its All About Satellites DIRECTV Installation at Los Quates Restaurant Airport Its All about Satellites installation of DIRECTV at Sushi King Paseo Los Quates Restaurant at the Albuquerque Sunport in the Bar

Research has proven that playing the right music or television programming in your bar or restaurant can:

  • Increase your sales
  • Guide food and beverage selection
  • Influence dining speed
  • Decrease customer perceptions of waiting time
  • Create a positive “take-away” dining memory
  • Improve staff attitudes and productivity
  • Help improve customer-staff relations

Effects of Music & TV Programming on your Bottom Line

Research studies and field tests have proven that the RIGHT music and television programming can translate to increases in your revenue of 5-20% for the bar and restaurant industry.


Most experienced hospitality professionals easily accept the relationship between background music & television programming and the image of an establishment.

What is harder for some is the concept that your music & television programming can be managed to influence the perceptions and behaviors of your customers and employees, and specifically to improve your financial results.

At It’s All About Satellites/Sound Marketing we demonstrate to you, the hospitality managers, that when executed properly, music and television can do much more than fill a room with background noise or a visual focal point.

Once you have experienced it, you will look at music and TV in a different light. You will see music and video as a contributor to ROI rather than as a line expense on the P&L.

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