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Troubleshooting the Genie and Genie Minis (Client Box)


Technically the Genie is called the HR34 or HR44 and the Genie Minis are called the C31 or C41 Clients. In this weeks Tech Time, Armando Lopez will explore trouble shooting and rebooting your DIRECTV Genie and Genie Minis if the need should ever arise.

How to troubleshoot the Genie and how to reboot in the correct order to ensure your system works correctly.


One of the questions we have been receiving since the new Genie came out is how to troubleshoot the system. What is the 1st thing our customers should do if they are experiencing intermittent signal loss and they see the “searching for satellite signal (771)” on their screen?


1st thing to do is check the power inserter and make sure its plugged in and the green light is lit up ( which is typically located behind the Genie) indicating it is getting power.  It may be in another location depending on your wiring. If you have a question as to where it is, please call the dealer who installed your DIRECTV and they can help you determine where it is.

Then check to make sure the wiring going into the back of your Genie are securely fastened.



So if the power inserter gets the green light and the cables are attached securely, what next?


The next step would be to do a reboot of the entire system and there is a specific order this has to be done in because the Genie acts as a server for the system like a computer network. Using the right order ensures that the system comes back up correctly.



So if a reboot has to be done, what order do you have to do things in?


The 1st thing to do is unplug the power to the Genie Minis (C31 or C41 client boxes). These are generally found behind the TVs that don’t have the main Genie DVR at that location. They are about the size of a cell phone with DIRECTV logo on them.

You can unplug the power cord either at the wall or at the Genie Mini.



Great. Once they have the power cords unplugged from the Genie Minis, what should they do next in the reboot sequence?


The next step is to go to the actual Genie (the HR 34 or HR44), which is generally located in your main viewing location, and reset the Genie by either pressing the red reset button located inside the front panel on the right side of the  front of the Genie OR by unplugging the power cord from the wall.

If you unplug the Genie, wait 30 seconds to one minute before plugging it back in to allow it to clear the settings fully. It will then go back to the default which is what you need to reboot the system.



Ok. So we have unplugged the power cords on the Genie Minis (the little boxes behind our secondary TVs) and reset the main Genie DVR. What is next?


The process could take up to 3-5 minutes, so be patient. Once the Genie Server has reset, 1st It will say “running receiver self check…”  then you will go to a screen

You will see 2 steps that the system will go through automatically. Step one is “Step 1 of 2: Checking satellite settings…This will take a few minutes”

Step Two is “Step 2 of 2: Receiving satellite info”. You will see a progress bar indicating the percentage of completion.

When this stage is complete your programming should return.

At that point, The Genie Minis can be plugged back in. They will also go through a booting sequence, that says “searching for server”.  Once that sequence is complete, DRECTV programming and all features should return.



How often should I have to reset my system?


This really should not have to done at all, but all electronics occasionally will have a freeze or hiccup. If you are having to reboot more than once every 3 months, there may be other issues and you should contact the dealer who installed your system or DIRECTV.



So if there are other problems, what are the costs to the customer for service.


Most of the equipment is warranted for 90 days, with the exception of the receiver which has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from DIRECTV.  So for the 1st 90 days there is no cost at all.

Because of that, the DIRECTV Protection plan at just $7.99 a month is a great idea. An added benefit of the protection plan is that you also are qualified to get the newest equipment every 2 years for no extra charge.

Once you have had your DIRECTV system for more than 90 days, your local dealer can no long replace parts or provide service calls for free


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