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Number One Mistake Hoteliers Make When Choosing a Hotel TV System Supplier


What seems like a bargain in the short term can be expensive in the long run.

Number One Mistake Hoteliers Make in Choosing a TV SystemThere is one simple truth in purchasing a Hotel TV System
You can standardize upfront costs or you can maximize service.
You can’t do both.

Either you will get the lowest cost upfront or you will get the highest quality installation & best customer service after the sale.

But not both.

In a 24/7/365 industry you have to make a decision of saving money upfront or having less down time and less time of your staff dealing with unhappy guests down the line.


The Mistake Hotels Make

The mistake many hotel owners and purchasing agents make when choosing a TV system for their hotel, resort or casino is either

  • picking the largest companies in the industry because they can give them a standardized cost upfront 
  • or picking the lowest bidder even if they are too small or new to have done many hotel installations.


Too Big or Too Small?

The problem, as many hoteliers know all too well from experience, is that they get that low cost upfront at the cost of downtime and service calls needed later. Guests are unhappy, time and money is lost both in rooms you can’t rent because the hotel TV is not working and in front desk personnel fielding calls and complaints, and too much time is spent getting that mega supplier to service the system.

In recent months our tech supervisor and I have stayed in hotels in Nebraska, Texas, Colorado, and Florida that had DIRECTV service from the largest Hotel Television system providers in the US.

All had issues with over-modulation of the TV signal. The result? Blurry and pixelated channels and some channels simply missing.

When we spoke with the GMs of those hotels, all have had those same problems for months without having anyone come out to service the account. Sometimes after 3-4 or even more calls for service.


Why is Using a Mega Dealer a Mistake?

The mega hotel TV system dealers like Sonifi (formerly LodgeNet) all hire subcontractors to do the actual installation at your property and subsequent service work. Most of those subcontractors are conscientious people and knowledgeable and certified to do the work. The problem lies in the use of subcontractors in the first place.

The hotel pays the mega dealer a price for the work and then the mega dealer goes out and finds the subcontractor that will do that work for the lowest possible price to maximize the mega dealer’s profits. The dreaded lowest bidder.

The subcontractor has to get the system operational, but because he is making a much lower amount than the mega dealer for the work being done, he cannot afford to stick around to make sure the job is done right after the system is operational. Service is the mega dealer’s responsibility. The subcontractor has no vested interest in going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that you will have little or no issues after the install. His only desire is to get the system operational so he can get paid.

For the lower price he is being paid the subcontractor can’t afford go back and check signal in every room.  He can’t afford worry about if the wiring is anything more than minimally functional. Get in, get the system operational, get out.

For service calls the mega dealer once again looks to subcontractors and faces the same problem. No vested interest. You are certainly not at the top of their priority list.


The Flip Side of Using a Hotel TV Mega Dealer

On the other side of the coin is using too small or too new of a dealer to get your low cost upfront.

The guy that is just starting out and may do the job for much less in terms of labor costs.

Because he charges so little for the labor on the job, when something goes wrong he is loathe to come back and service it. In his inexperience, he simply allowed no margin available for service.

He may not know what he did wrong to begin with and so service takes him longer and costs the hotel more.


What Makes Us So Different?

It’s All about Satellites has 19 years expertise serving the hospitality industry.

As a DIRECTV for BUSINESS dealer, the Hospitality Industry is our main focus. Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Bed and Breakfasts, RV Parks, Restaurants and other properties in the hospitality industry.

We have hundreds of satisfied hotel, casino and resort customers, but not hundreds of installs each month. We can concentrate on getting your job done right the first time and on quick and efficient service after the install.

Some of the key differences from the mega dealers are:

  • All of our techs are employees
  • All of our techs are certified to do your installation –
    Not just the owner of the company or the supervisor on site
  • We use No Subcontractors

Find out for yourself. Call me today.

Call Barry at 505-296-9423 or 800-951-1979 today

Find out the difference using Its All About Satellites
can make for your hotel and your new hotel television system.

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