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NFL Sunday Ticket FREE for Your Hotel


New DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels DRE Plus Customers Now Get 2015 NFL Sunday Ticket – FREE!

NFL Sunday Ticket ONLY on DIRECTV

This is How You Can Get NFL Sunday Ticket FREE for Your Hotel.
Great news for Hotels! Right now all new DIRECTV DRE Plus activations will include NFL SUNDAY TICKET for free!

NFL Sunday Ticket and DIRECTV DRE Plus give every room in your hotel an opportunity to catch Every Minute of Every Game, Every Sunday! Just another example of how DIRECTV offers the best entertainment experience for our Hotel and Motel customers.

This offer is only for the 2015 season and will not auto-renew in 2016 or roll to pay account at a later date.

Existing DIRECTV DRE Plus Customers Getting a Great Offer Too!

Existing DIRECTV DRE Hotel customers, we are not leaving you out. We have a great offer for existing DRECTV DRE Hotel customers.

Right now, your existing DRE Plus properties can get the entire season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET at a $396 flat rate for every room in your property!


For more information about the DIRECT Residential Experience
or NFL Sunday Ticket for Your Hotel
Call 800-951-1979 or 505-296-9423 Today

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