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NFL SUNDAY TICKET for Small Bars & Restaurants – Just $99.80/Mo*

NFL Sunday Ticket for Bars and Restaurants - Exclusively on DIRECTV for Business

For Bars and Restaurants with a FCO under 50 & 1-4 Receivers

NFL SUNDAY TICKET for Small Bars and Restaurants - Only on DIRECTVAre you one of those bar or restaurant owners that has always wanted NFL SUNDAY TICKET, but thought it was too expensive, because your business was too small or you just didn’t have enough TVs?

DIRECTV heard you and starting May 28, 2015 new customers can get NFL SUNDAY TICKET for your Bar or Restaurant with a Fire Code Occupancy (FCO) of 50 or less and 4 receivers or less for just $99.80/mo on the 5-Pay Option.

Key Dates:

  • Season dates: 9/13/15 – 1/3/16
  • 5-Pay Offer available: 5/28/15 – 8/3/15
    – Must activate by 9/3/15
  • 3-Pay Offer available: 5/28/15 – 10/3/15
    – Must activate by 11/3/15
  • 1-Pay Offer available: 5/28/15 – 12/3/15
    – Must activate by 1/3/16
  • Available for New Commercial DIRECTV Customers or New to NFL Sunday Ticket Only.
  • Must subscribe by 8/3 to get the 5-Pay Option.

NFL Football is a Proven Profit Driver for Bars and Restaurants

Every Sports Bar has NFL SUNDAY TICKET, but the small bar was typically left out of the fun and the profits because of the perceived high price. If you owned a bar with one to four TVs, it was hard to justify spending an additional dollars on NFL SUNDAY TICKET.  Now you can provide your customers with the sports they want to watch at a price that provides a great ROI for you.



DIRECTV wants you to know exactly how much money you can expect to make when you add NFL SUNDAY TICKET to your menu.

Click on the link below and enter your average ticket and margins and the Profit Calculator will tell you how much you can expect to add to your bottom line by adding NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

CLICK HERE for the NFL SUNDAY TICKET Profit Calculator (opens in a new window)


DIRECTV MVP Marketing – FREE Promotional Kits & More

DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program - Promotional Sports Kits

The goal for DIRECTV is to help your bar or restaurant make more money when you feature NFL SUNDAY TICKET and the unrivaled amount of sports on DIRECTV on your TVs. To help you make that a reality, DIRECTV created the MVP Marketing Program.

As part of the MVP Marketing Program, you receive FREE promotional kits for NFL SUNDAY TICKET, MLB Extra Innings and other major packages.  Those packages include Banners, Posters, Window Clings, Coasters, and many other items depending on the sports package.

In addition, for subscribing to DIRECTV for BUSINESS (, DIRECTV will give you additional credits to purchase customized marketing materials you will receive 200 credits and for each sports package you subscribe to, DIRECTV will give you additional credits to purchase customized marketing materials.

CLICK HERE for more information on the DIRECTV MVP Marketing program
(opens in a new window)


Call Barry at 800-951-1979 or 505-296-9423
for more information on DIRECTV for BUSINESS
or NFL SUNDAY TICKET for your Bar or Restaurant


* $99.80 pricing is based on 5 pay FCO 1-50 with 4 receivers or less. Offer available to only new customers with FCO 1-50 with 4 or less receivers. Customers must produce proof of FCO to DIRECTV to utilize this offer. Customers with more than 4 receivers pay the standard rate for FCO 1-50.


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