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Last Chance for DIRECTV Hotel and Institutions Account Migration Credits

DIRECTV Account Migration Credits Roll Off on December 31st

As part of the Hotel, Lodging and Institutions Programming Package Migration, which took place earlier this year, some DIRECTV Hotel, Lodging and Institutions (L&I) customers were moved to a new programming package and pricing structure.

DIRECTV customers were informed via letter that the move would involve new programming packages and slightly higher prices in 2014 and they would receive bill credits for the remainder of 2013.

It is important to be proactive when credits for the migration end on 12/31/13. If you are a DIRECTV hotel, Lodging or Institutions customer and have questions regarding cost on your new programming package, please be sure to call your dealer of record or Its All About Satellites for a complete explanation of the features, benefits and value of your new package.

To compare discontinued DIRECTV Hotel & Institution programming packages and pricing with current programming package information (including per room pricing before and after the migration), click here.


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