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Get Free Upgrades & More With The New DIRECTV Protection Plan

Are you a DIRECTV customer or thinking about switching to DIRECTV? Take advantage of the best protection plans in the industry.

“For just 191.76 you get all new equipment every two years. That’s less than the cost of a Genie alone. Not to mention a new dish, Genie Minis and installation. Plus you get to continue working with the local dealer that installed your DIRECTV system.”  **

The All New DIRECTV Protection Plan Has Been Enhanced and Expanded

The new DIRECTV protection plans now offer you two levels of protection. The basic protection plan covers your DIRECTV system and the premier plan covers all the electronic devices you use to enjoy your DIRECTV including TVs, Audio Video and even computers and tablets.

The DIRECTV Protection Plan

For just 7.99 per month this plan covers your DIRECTV system completely and offers you free upgrades to the newest equipment every two years.

Complete DIRECTV System Coverage

If any part of your DIRECTV system stops working as expected for any covered reason—including unintentional and Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH)—DIRECTV will troubleshoot, repair, or replace it.

This plan covers your entire DIRECTV® System, including your receivers, remote controls, dish antenna, dish antenna realignment, and associated cabling and switches.

FREE DIRECTV Equipment Upgrades

Every two years, DIRECTV customers on the Protection Plan can take advantage of an upgrade to the newest equipment available.

For existing customers, when you add the Protection Plan today, in just 12 months you can get the FREE equipment upgrades and if you have had the Protection plan for less than 12 months you can pay just $99 to have your system upgraded!

Read the full terms and conditions for PROTECTION PLAN customers.

The DIRECTV Protection Plan Premier with ADH

The Protection Plan Premier covers all the same things as the Protection Plan including FREE DIRECTV equipment upgrades PLUS it covers all the electronic equipment you use to enjoy your DIRECTV for just 24.98 per month.

What Equipment is Covered in the DIRECTV Protection Plan Premier

The DIRECTV Protection Plan Premier covers an unlimited number of devices you use to enjoy DIRECTV, such as home theater systems, laptops, TVs, routers, and modems.

Covered TVs: LCD TVs, plasma TVs, and LED TVs. They can be any brand, model, or size.

Covered computers: PC computers equipped with Windows XP or newer operating system; Apple computers equipped with Mac OS X or newer operating system; and other computers equipped with Linux OS with 2009 publication date or later.

Covered tablets: Android tablets version 1.6 or newer.

Also included in coverage: technical support on mobile phones as it relates to your DIRECTV viewing experience; 3D glasses.

If any device stops working as expected for any covered reason, DIRECTV will troubleshoot, repair, or replace it.

NOTE: A $50 service fee applies when a repair or replacement is required on TVs, computers, laptops or tablets. There is a $2000 per claim limit and a $6000 claim limit per 12-month period.

3-day Service Guarantee

If your electronic device can’t be fixed within three days, DIRECTV will refund the $50 service fee

Accidental Damage from Handling Protection (ADH)

The Protection Plan Premier with ADH safeguards your laptops and tablets against accidental damage such as drops, spills, and cracked screens.

Read the full terms and conditions for PROTECTION PLAN PREMIER customers.

The Biggest Benefit of the DIRECTV Protection Plan

The biggest benefit of the DIRECTV Protection plan is that you get to continue to work with your local dealer.

  • We know your DIRECTV system best because we installed it.
  • We are local, so you know that the service will be exceptional.
  • We are a phone call away.

So call us today and order the new DIRECTV Protection Plan that best fits your needs.

Call 800-951-1979 or 505-296-9423 Today


**Specific Terms and Conditions May Apply. Please call us for more information.

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