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ESPN Full Court Marketing Kits Now Available

NCAA Basketball on ESPN Full Court and DIRECTV

ESPN Full Court Marketing Kit from DIRECTV

Beginning on November 8th, basketball fans have a lot of reasons to love DIRECTV.

With up to 30 college basketball games a week, including key match-ups from the top conferences, ESPN FULL COURT
is the perfect complement to NBA LEAGUE PASS.

Together these packages offer the best in professional and college
basketball in your establishment. The games and fan frenzy began on 11/8.


How to Market ESPN Full Court in Your Restaurant

The question we get most is how do we bring in new customers to watch the NCAA basketball games we have just ordered. DIRECTV has an answer and its FREE.

As part of the MVP Marketing Program, DIRECTV provides all restaurants that order ESPN Full Court a marketing kit to help you let your customers that they can catch all their favorite schools basketball games on DIRECTV in your establishment.

The ESPN Full Court Marketing Kit Includes:

  • TV Game Locator Board
  • Pennant Strings
  • Coasters
  • Entryway Decal

The DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program also makes additional marketing materials available to you at deeply discounted prices. For example additional 12ft pennant strings are just 6.00 credits. An additional package of 200 coasters is just 10.00 credits.

To make it sure you can effectively use the materials, DIRECTV gives you 100 credits just for purchasing the ESPN Full Court programming package.

How Much Profit You Can Make?

The DIRECTV ESPN Full Court ROI Calculator will show exactly how much additional profit you can make by adding the ESPN Full Court programming package.

Simply enter your average 2 person check (food and beverages), your F&B costs (percentage) and the incremental increase in fans and the calculator will show you the profit you will make over the 22 week NCAA Basketball season.

The ROI Calculator is available for all college and professional sports packages on DIRECTV. NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass,

Current DIRECTV customers can access the ROI Calculators on your web portal.

For more on how to order ESPN Full Court for your restaurant
or information about how you can get the ESPN Full Court marketing kit
Call Its All About Satellites at 800-951-1979 or 505-296-9423

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