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for Your Bar or Restaurant Yet?

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The NFL Preseason starts Wednesday, August 9, 2017 and
Regular season games start Thursday September 7, 2017.

Will your bar and restaurant customers be able to watch their favorite teams on your TVs?



Only DIRECTV brings you, and your Bar and Restaurant customers, every play of every live out-of-market game, every Sunday. Get the action on your Bar or Restaurants TVs with NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

You get live games, the Mix Channel with up to 8 games on one screen, real-time highlights, and the RED ZONE CHANNEL®.

You won’t find anything like it on DISH or cable. It’s available only on DIRECTV.


NFL SUNDAY TICKET for Small Bars & Restaurants – Just $599.00

For Bars and Restaurants with a FCO under 50 & 1-4 TVs

Are you one of those bar or restaurant owners that has always wanted NFL SUNDAY TICKET, but thought it was too expensive, because your business was too small or you just didn’t have enough TVs?

DIRECTV heard you and you can get 2017 NFL SUNDAY TICKET for your Bar or Restaurant with a Fire Code Occupancy (FCO) of 50 or less and 1-4 TVs for just $599.00.


NFL Sunday Ticket Promo Kit for Your Bar or Restaurant

Make sure to ask about the NFL Sunday Ticket Promo Kit for your bar/restaurant. It is available at no extra charge as part of DIRECTV’s MVP Marketing Program for NFL Sunday Ticket Subscribers.


What is the ROI of NFL Sunday Ticket for your Bar?

If you have considered NFL Sunday Ticket for your bar or restaurant and want to know how much money you could make from adding it for next season, check out DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket Profit Calculator.

NFL Sunday Ticket Profit Calculator Example

Call us at 800-951-1979 to unlock the power of the Profit Calculator for NFL Sunday Ticket and other sports packages on DIRECTV. Find out see exactly how much profit you can make in your bar and restaurant by adding NFL Sunday Ticket.

To Order 2017 NFL SUNDAY TICKET for your Bar or Restaurant
Call Barry at 800-951-1979 or 505-296-9423

The Fantasy Football Planogram

The planogram gives you a guide on where to best place the marketing materials in the Fantasy Football Marketing Kit in your bar or restaurant.


According to, NFL Fantasy Football was a $70 billion business in 2015 and Sports Degree Management says that 56.8 million in the US participated in NFL Fantasy Football leagues .  The NFL Fantasy Football Marketing Kit from DIRECTV is a great way for you to draw in customers interested in holding a draft for their league at your bar or restaurants and generate more sales.

Having NFL SUNDAY TICKET is an opportunity for you to draw even more patrons who are looking for places to root for their favorite players playing in out-of-market games each week.

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