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DIRECTV Residential Experience without the in-room receivers


Do you want the DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) for your hotel TV system, but not the in-room receivers?


The DIRECTV Residential Experience is the most asked about television system for hotels and motels today.

Some hotel owners, management companies and general managers have inquired about the DIRECTV DRE when they are considering an HD television system for their properties, but set top receivers in the guest room was a question for them.

Have you considered the DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) for your hotel, but weren’t sure you want receivers in room. Afraid that the receivers might be stolen, tampered with or take up room you didn’t have?

Well now there is a solution.

The Philips Hospitality X-cite Series HD Display with an integrated DIRECTV receiver

Philips X-Cite HD Display with Integrated DIRECTV Receiver

Philips Hospitality has released the award winning X-cite Series 32” and 40” TVs with the DIRECTV receiver built in. It allows you to offer the DIRECTV Residential Experience in your guest rooms as well as full Commercial DIRECTV solutions in your common areas.

“What we’ve basically done is take the concept that DIRECTV has done, which is the use of the set-top box, and built that set-top box into our television,” says Joe King, senior director of hospitality sales at P&F USA. “The goal is to take what has become a difficult transition for hotels as they move from not only a typical TV to a flat-screen, but also from the analog to digital television world. To make that transition easier, we are combining the display and the content in one device.”

 Get all the benefits of the DIRECTV DRE system.

The same viewing experience your guests have at home with:

  • Access to over 100 HD channels
  • The familiar DIRECTV interactive program guide
  • Simplified, Anti-Microbial Remote Control

Features every hotel wants and needs including:

  • POS Integration
  • Interactive Welcome System with up to 50 customizable pages
  • On Screen Messaging
  • Remote troubleshooting

Its All About Satellites is your DIRECTV for Hotels Dealer.


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For more information about the Philips Hospitality X-cite series HD display or DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels TV System for your hotel

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