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DIRECTV is Giving Back to the Community!

The DIRECTV Revolution is a worldwide gathering of DIRECTV dealers and employees and for 2013 it takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 22-24.

Since 2011, DIRECTV dealers and DIRECTV employees have worked together to benefit the cities that served as host for Revolution.

To celebrate Earth Day, (April 22), DIRECTV dealers and employees will be taking part in one of five unique events that will give everyone the opportunity to choose how they would like to volunteer.

Here are the volunteer projects we will complete together as we give back to Las Vegas.


Project 1: School Beautifications

Join 300 DIRECTV dealers, employees and partners at a local elementary school, where we will beautify the school’s spaces, and work with the students on art projects. Volunteer work may include cleaning, painting, landscaping and working with children.
Project 2: Community Garden Revitalization

Join 300 DIRECTV dealers, employees and partners as we revitalize the Vegas Roots Community Garden, a creative and vibrant organization that serves local schools, youth organizations and senior centers, as well as the general community, with fresh produce and space to garden. Volunteers will be painting murals, cleaning the garden space, planting trees and produce and building new structures including benches.
Project 3: KaBOOM! Playground Build

Join 150 DIRECTV dealers, employees and partners as we build a playground for the Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada, which serves children with special needs and their families. Together, we will build a playground and beautify the surrounding space for this deserving organization, which does not currently have a playground. Volunteer activities may include mulch moving, concrete mixing, playground construction, bench building and mural painting.
Project 4: Three Square Food Bank

Join 150 DIRECTV dealers, employees and partners as we sort donated product and food and organize food for families in need across Southern Nevada. Thanks to volunteer support, Three Square Food Bank serves 100,000 people in need each month. Volunteer work may include sorting and arranging donated food. This option will require volunteers to be standing, but will be less physically demanding than other projects.
Project 5: Habitat for Humanity Home Builds

Join 100 DIRECTV dealers, employees and partners as we help with the construction of three new homes for low-income families in Las Vegas. No construction experience is necessary. Volunteer work may include landscaping and other light construction duties (all volunteers will be trained on construction elements).


Barry and Kristi Conley of Its All About Satellites are happy to be taking part in the Kaboom Playground Build in Las Vegas.  This is a continuation of their long history of volunteer and community service in New Mexico which includes Roadrunner Little League, The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and much more.

For more information on how you or your organization can volunteer for or sponsor projects such as these your community, please visit to find a volunteer opportunity. America needs our service.

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