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DIRECTV for Lodging & Institutions
Hotels, Motels & Institutions
– Compliance & Programming Discounts

We strive to keep our valued DIRECTV for lodging and institutions clients (hotels, motels & institutions) informed about news from DIRECTV.  Today we have two types of news for you. Compliance efforts to combat pirating of Free-To-Guest signals and new discounts on programming for existing Lodging and Institutions customers.

DIRECTV is Enforcing Signal Compliance in Hotels & Institutions

Pirating of Free-To-Guest Signals

DIRECTV has announced a compliance measure designed to keep hotels and other lodging & institutions clients in compliance with rules regarding free-to-guest services being shown in public areas such as:

  • Lobbies
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Fitness Centers
  • Business Centers
  • Breakfast Areas
  • other common areas

It is illegal to re-route signals intended for viewing in guest rooms to any other area of a hotel, motel or other lodging and institutions account.

Similar to fines and legal measures available for the enforcement of copyrights on music in public places by BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC; programming originators such as HBO, ESPN and other channels in conjunction with DIRECTV are aggressively pursuing those who are pirating free-to-guest signals and displaying their programming in common and public areas of hotels, motels and institutions.

DIRECTV Audits of Lodging & Institutions Accounts

DIRECTV is working to protect their programming agreements with the content providers by auditing all Lodging and Institution locations. If you are found to not be in compliance by March 31, 2013 you may be subject to fines and litigation.

DIRECTV is helping customers come into compliance with those laws by providing DIRECTV programming accounts specifically licensed for those common and public areas.

Who Are These Audits Applicable to?

A few examples of facilities that may have a DIRECTV Lodging & Institutions account:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Prisons
  • Hospitals
  • Assisted Living, Senior Care & Nursing Facilities
  • Dorms
  • Any other temporary lodging facilities

If you have DIRECTV in any of those types of facilities you may be subject to a DIRECTV audit regarding your account and subsequent enforcement if you are not in compliance.

Please contact us today about an audit of your DIRECTV accounts
to verify you are in compliance – 888-311-9343


New Programming Discounts and Upgrade Packages for Existing Hotel, Motel & Institutional Customers

Fulfilled your existing programming agreement & want to continue with DIRECTV?

If you have fulfilled your DIRECTV programming agreement, we have fantastic news for you.

Whether you would like to upgrade your equipment and service to HDTV or extend your current agreement, DIRECTV is offering discounts on your programming and special programs for upgrading to high definition equipment to current customers for the first time.

Call 888-311-9343 Today

for more information on DIRECTV for Hotels, Motels & Institutions

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