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October 2011
– Its All About Satellites Newsletter

Call 1-800-951-1979 for rates on NHL Center Ice, ESPN Full Court, & NBA League Pass
NFL Sunday Ticket & ESPN Game Plan are still available for your Bar or Restaurant

Become the Home of “Your Customers Favorite Team” 

The NFL season has started in earnest and we are extremely happy to see our teams back out on the field. For many of our customers that has meant packed houses at their bars & restaurants as fans turned out on 9/11 to watch their favorite teams play on DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket.

What you may have missed is that DIRECTV has two other sources of football that can increase your sales on Saturday (and throughout the week).

The 1st is ESPN Game Plan which delivers up to 15 games per week from the 6 large conferences – PAC 12, BIG Ten, Big 12, Big East, SEC and ACC. Do your customers want to see USC or Oregon, Ohio State or Illinois, Oklahoma or Texas, Pitt or Syracuse, Florida or Alabama, North Carolina or Maryland – ESPN Game Plan delivers the games.

ESPN Game Plan college football packages start at just $27.50 per week.
Call 1-800-951-1979 today with your FCO to get your rates.

The 2nd is the Sports Pack that is part of many of your programming packages already. It has 35 regional sports channels that broadcast literally thousands of games in all 4 major sports each season from across the country.  YES Network, New England Sports Network, Sun Sports, Fox Sports Ohio, Fox Sports Midwest, Fox Sports Prime Time, Fox Sports South, Fox Sports Soccer & many, many more.

Where are your customers from? What are THEIR favorite teams?

Become the local spot to see those games
The Home of the (your Customer Favorite Team) in Albuquerque!

With the Sports Pack you can offer your customers the games they are looking for.

If you are not sure if the sports pack is part of your package or what teams are available on each channel, give your rep a call at It’s All About Satellites – 1-800-951-1979.

NEW Sports Programming!!

NHL Center Ice

The popularity of the NHL has never been higher and the first games are on October 6th!

Maximize your sports coverage and draw new customers in all week! Games everyday!

Make your bar a home away from home for Hockey Fans of teams from across the country.

Up to 40 games per week during the NHL Regular season – 20 in HD!

Call for pricing    505-296-9423  Ask about 3 pay!

Ask about getting your FREE Promotional Kit for NHL Center Ice and about the MVP Marketing program to help promote the NHL games at your Bar or Restaurant!

ESPN Full Court

No Matter where your Business is, college fans can follow their favorite teams and players with ESPN Full Court.

Up to 30 Out of Market games per week during the college basketball season from all the biggest conferences.

College basketball is played all week, not just on weekends so this is the perfect sports programming to fill your empty bar stools and tables!

Games start 11/25! Packages from $153.66 per month on 3 pay
($179.33 for existing customers)

NBA League Pass

The NBA is in a lockout, but like the situation with the NFL we are expecting that they will come to an agreement soon. It’s time to see Kobe and Lebron and all our favorite professional hoops stars in exiting NBA action!

Games are scheduled to start November 1st.
With DIRECTV, if they don’t play, you don’t pay.

Once the action starts you will get up to 40 games per week with 20 in HD.

No matter the team they cheer for, your customers will get all the live NBA action they desire – whether they are Mavericks fans, Nuggets fans, Heat fans, Bulls fans, Knicks fans or Lakers fans.

You get full seats all week. It’s a win/win!

This is the perfect complement for ESPN Full Court. Give your customers a reason to come back with all the Hoops action on DIRECTV!

Call us with your FCO today for pricing. 1-800-951-7979

Ask about the FREE Promotional Kit for NBA League Pass and the MVP Marketing program to help promote the NBA at your Bar or Restaurant!

NFL Sunday Ticket

If you haven’t ordered NFL Sunday Ticket yet, there is still time.

Fill your bar every Sunday by offering your customers up to 14 games
Every Game, Every Sunday!

Call your rep today to add NFL Sunday Ticket for your bar
– 1-800-951-1979

Ask about 3 Pay – We have packages under $200 per month for new customers!

Please have your FCO (Fire Code Occupancy) Certificate handy when you call.

DIRECTV for Business

Most of your customers have high-definition TVs at home and they expect to see HD when they go out to a bar or restaurant. Disappointed customers leave early, but delivering the best in sports in HD ensures YOUR customers stay longer, spend more and come back again and again.

To upgrade from DIRECTV in Standard Definition you will need a new HD satellite dish and new HD receivers, but if you upgrade to HD today you can get a great discount.

If you need HD televisions call us for the best pricing on Commercial HD Televisions.

Don’t be fooled by low prices on consumer-grade TVs. Once you put a consumer-grade TV in your business the warranty is voided and you will be stuck with it when you have a problem.

We have TVs designed for the rigors of commercial use at prices so low they will surprise you.

Call 800-951-1979 today for pricing & package information

Barry Conley
It’s All About Satellites

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