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RV Parks and Campgrounds
– Are You Being Forced to Take
Converter Boxes by the Cable Company?

RV Parks Cable TV Converter Boxes

Cable companies across the country are informing RV Park and Campground customers that they are (finally) moving to an all digital TV signal and eliminating analog cable services.

What that means for RV Parks and Campgrounds is either being forced to use converter boxes and remotes for each camper or paying the upfront costs, often $20,000 or more, to have the cable company deliver fiber to your site and then add new equipment to the headend.

For most RV Parks and Campgrounds, the big problem is handing a converter box and remote control to each camper and then hoping that you get them back when the camper leaves the park. Keeping track of and replacing un-returned converter boxes and/or remotes can be a logistical nightmare.


The COM3000 Headend from Technicolor

The COM3000 Headend is a perfect solution for RV Parks and Campgrounds.
The COM3000 works on the existing cable plant in your park without the need for a converter box or set top receiver so you don’t have the hassle of the converter boxes & remotes or the substantial additional costs of new fiber being run.

The COM3000 can send out a digital signal that will immediately double the resolution of the cable signal without the need for converter boxes. (The resolution of the picture displayed will depend on the type and resolution of the TV each camper has.)

In addition the COM3000 has features that will make your TV system a more integral part of your camper’s experience at your park and in many cases a profit center as well.

  • The COM3000 has the ability to utilize a Welcome Screen Channel that can be used to promote amenities at your RV Park or Campground
    Elk Meadows Lodge and RV REsort COM2000 Welcome Screen - Its All About Satellites TV for RV parks and Campgrounds
    Com2000 Welcome Screen Guest Map - Its All About Satellites - Authorized DIRECTV Hospitality Solutions Dealer - DIRECTV for RV PArks and Campgrounds
DIRECTV COM3000 Headend Television System by Technicolor - From Its All About Satellites - Authorized DIRECTV for Hospitality Dealer

54 Channel COM3000 Headend

  • The COM3000 has the ability to insert local programming (produced in-house) such as ads for your local pizza place or restaurants. The locally inserted programming will be static pages and you can rotate several images on a single channel.


  • The COM3000 headend takes up much less space than a typical Analog Headend
    (The system can accommodate up to 138 channels in the small rack pictured)

  • The COM3000 requires less than 25% of the power consumption of older, analog headends

For more information on the COM3000 Headend
for Your RV Park or Campground
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