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Digital Signage for Hotels
– 7 Ways You Can Profit from Digital Signage

  Digital Signage Hilton

In order to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar locale, your property, Hotel Guests today demand information to guide them.

Digital signage is the perfect solution to giving your hotel guests relevant and helpful information about your property and the services that are available to them whether that is a warm greeting when they walk through your doors, directions to guide them around your property or interactive guides in their rooms. It enables you to give your guest personalized information in a timely manner and enables you to provide this customized content in a cost effective manner.

There are many ways a hotel property can utilize digital signage to inform guests:

Hotel Directories

Digital Signage Denver

Digital signage can be used in directories to guide your guests to conference rooms, bars and restaurants. From interactive touch screen guides with search functions to simple listings with maps.

Display pool hours, the location of fitness & business centers, the availability of broadband Wi-Fi Internet, checkout times and other information critical to hotel guests. Answering frequently asked questions on strategically placed digital directories will keep your guests informed and reduce the amount of non-revenue generating staff interaction with guests.

Utilizing digital signage makes customizing your directory for different locations on the property and changing the information displayed simple and easy.

Digital Menus for Hotel Bars & Restaurants

Digital Menu Boards

Changing the information on menu boards in bars & restaurants can be a time consuming and expensive task. Changes in specials, pricing or hours can mean purchasing all new signs. Adding photos was an expensive chore. Digital menu boards gives you the ability to make changes easily and give you the ability to add photos and required dietary information. Even daily changes are a snap.

Promote Specials & Entertainment at your Bar & Restaurant

By placing digital signage around your property you can effectively advertise drink specials and menu items in your hotel bar or restaurant. Promote your facilities as the perfect place to meet with friends and colleagues and keep your guests on your property.

Inform your guests about Karaoke, Bands and special events such as Super Bowl, NBA, NCAA, MLB and other sports.

You can even configure the digital screens to automatically update throughout the day to reflect changes in breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials, and spotlight your chef’s culinary creations with High Definition photos or video.

Promote Revenue Generating Hotel Services

Promote services you charge extra for such as massage, concierge, and dry cleaning services, as well as pay-per-view movies..

Digital Signage as an Electronic Concierge

Keep your guests informed or things going on in your area. Interactive or streaming guides that include area events, attractions and restaurants are a perfect way to both provide a value added service for your hotel guests at an affordable price and to add a revenue stream from advertising from those outside services, events and attractions.

Run ads for local restaurants, tour groups, limo and shuttle services, museums, and other local attractions, as well as content relating to trade shows. You can easily administer the content in-house or hire a company to sell advertising space and deliver it to your digital signage.

Deliver Television Programming while still Promoting your Hotel

Utilize a portion of the screen to broadcast television programming while utilizing the rest of the screen to promote your hotels bar, restaurant, spa and other services.

Roll Out the Welcome Mat for Special Events

Conventions, conferences, and weddings are a perfect opportunity to provide a service your hotel guests will appreciate and remember.  With digital signage you can easily tailor content to special groups and conventions.Screens in lobbies and other areas can be customized to the specific needs of an event with directions to banquet rooms and conference room schedules on-screen and showcase conference speakers and topics.

High Definition TV Screens in-room can even extend digital signage content to the screen in room.

Any content you can display on digital signage around your hotel can be distributed to your rooms often via your existing via a headend system or IPTV system. You can increase your revenue as well by charging higher rates to advertisers for higher level of viewership.

You can make the content your welcome screen when the TV is initially turned on or make the content available as a guide of services. With the right technology, you can even tailor content to the specific type of guest.

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