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Ask and You Shall Find: DIRECTV Introduces a Revolutionary New Way to Search

It’s revolutionary, but it couldn’t be simpler. Now when you want to find a show to watch on TV, all you have to do is ask. It’s called Voice search and a beta release is now on your DIRECTV phone app.

  • Want to know when you can catch the next Game of Thrones? Just say, “Search for Game of Thrones.”
  • Want to watch the Dodgers game this weekend, but don’t know what channel it’s playing on? Say, “Find the Dodgers game.”
  • Want to enjoy Cinemax this evening? Ask, “What movies are on Cinemax tonight.”

You get the picture. Whatever you’re looking for, open the DIRECTV app on your phone and talk just as you would to a person. Search at home or on the go. When you’re at home, you can even use your TV screen to display your dialogue and search results and change the channel.

Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, take a look at what the press is saying about this remarkable new feature, available only with DIRECTV:

Multichannel News: DIRECTV Adds Voice Search to Repertoire

Twice: DIRECTV App to Add Voice Control

PCMag: Report: DIRECTV Prepping Voice-Search App

Slashgear: DIRECTV Channels Siri-style Speech for Smartphone Controller 

CNET: DIRECTV Adding Voice Search to Smartphone App This Summer

Engadget:DIRECTV Adding Voice Search to Its iOS and Android Phone Apps, Beta Coming This Summer

Gizmodo: Voice Control Is Coming to DIRECTV’s Smartphone App

The Verge: DIRECTV Voice Uses Your Phone to Search for Whatever You Want to Watch, Anywhere You Are

Variety: DIRECTV Chats Up Voice-Activated TV

Bloomberg: DIRECTV’s Siri Clone Brings Familiar Voice to Remote-Control App

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