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Four Hotel Marketing Articles You May Have Missed This Past Week

Knowledge is power?

It has been said that knowledge is power, but in the world today it can be hard to have the time simply to keep up with our daily responsibilities, let alone deal with the deluge of information coming our way. This monthly newsletter is here to help distill that flood of information into some actionable information.

The 4 articles on hotel marketing and operations that follow are the best of the best of what we have read recently. It is our hope that these articles will give you information you may have missed and inspire you to action.

Have a prosperous day!

Five Common Public Relations Myths… Busted!

One of the most undervalued and underutilized marketing tactics is public relations (aka PR), this is most likely because most people – my immediate family included – have no idea what PR is.

“No Grandma, I don’t work at the TV station. And no, I can’t introduce you to Anderson Cooper.”

Even some small business owners who are familiar with PR are belaboring under very common myths about the industry. In this article, I’ve debunked the top five most common PR myths in order to show you how PR can help you to market your small business more effectively.

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Hotel Best Practices with Facebook Timeline

As hotel marketers involved with social media, we talk a lot about telling our hotels’ stories in unique and personal ways. We seek out content that is authentic and user-generated and jump at the chance to share it with our community of fans and followers. Accordingly, back in March when Facebook announced the mandatory roll-out of the then new Facebook Timeline feature for all brand pages, we proverbally became extremely excited.

As described by Facebook themselves we would, for the first time, be able to tell our hotels’ unique brand histories in an easily viewable way.

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Marketing with Magnetism: Right Place, Right Time, with the Right Technology

As the online behaviour of consumers evolves there are some interesting technology developments on the horizon. EyeforTravel’s Ritesh Gupta gets the inside track on one of the latest trends – ‘magnetic marketing’.

Social, local, and mobile are lending a new dimension to the way marketers can reach and engage their customers. This can take a number of forms from spotting connections between consumers’ physical location and their behaviour to identifying how they share travel ideas with friends via social networks while they are on the move.  For this reason travel companies are trying to be more customer-centric in the ways they target the audience.

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Innovation can improve guest satisfaction

I read a thought-provoking story the other day. Professors Joe Tidd and John Bessant tell of a report presented at the annual conference of a prevalent U.S. industry. As you read the following excerpt, try to guess the industry they’re talking about:
“We are at the brink of change of an unprecedented and exponential kind and magnitude … We must be willing and able to discard old paradigms and engender and embrace manifest change … These required changes include …  putting in place systems and a culture for sustainable innovation.”

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It’s All About Satellites is your hospitality partner

Its All About Satellites is your partner in providing your guests with what they are asking for most… an exceptional experience.

Whether what is needed to provide that experience is a hotel television system that makes them feel like they are at home, a PMS integrated welcome system that provides them with local and hotel information, or digital signage that guides them to events & destinations inside and outside of your hotel; Its all About Satellites is your premier source of the technology and knowledge of how to get it done for you.


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