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DIRECTV for RV Parks and Campgrounds

Technicolor COM2000 HD Headend System DIRECTV for RV Parks and Campgrounds

DIRECTV for RV Parks and Campgrounds

Satellite TV for RV Parks and Campgrounds

RV Parks and Campgrounds have specific needs and challenges in providing television service that other hospitality businesses do not face.

One of the most sought after amenities when searching for a campground is whether or not the facility will have full hook ups. For most that includes free to guest TV. This is an important part of a potential guests decision to stay at your RV Park / Campground or not.

With Cable TV providers going all digital, you now have to use a converter box to utilize Cable TV. That means handing out a converter box and remote to each camper and then hoping to get it back. Even if you have a deposit on the box, if you don’t get it back, it means a hassle for your staff if they are not returned.

So how do you keep your guests happy and provide free to guest TV that you can afford?


TV Systems for RV Parks & CampgroundsRV Parks and Campgrounds Just Say No To Converter Boxes - Its All About Satellites TV for RV Parks

There are two types of digital TV Systems for RV Parks

One type is the Cable TV model. This requires a converter box for each camper.

The 2nd type of RV Park TV Systems is a Headend System


The COM2000 Headend from Technicolor

48 Channel Technicolor Com2000 HD Headend

48 Channel Technicolor Com2000 HD Headend

The COM2000 Headend is a perfect solution for RV Parks and Campgrounds.
The COM2000 works on the existing cable plant in your park without the need for a converter box or set top receiver so you don’t have the hassle of the converter boxes & remotes or the substantial additional costs of new fiber being run.

The COM2000 can send out a digital signal that will immediately double the resolution of the cable signal without the need for converter boxes. (The resolution of the picture displayed will depend on the type and resolution of the TV each camper has.)

In addition the COM2000 has features that will make your TV system a more integral part of your camper’s experience at your park and in many cases a profit center as well.

  • The COM2000 has the same On-Screen Program Guide from the leading satellite TV provider, so for many of your campers this the guide they are already used to using at home.
  • The COM2000 has the ability to utilize a Welcome Screen Channel that can be used to promote amenities at your RV Park or Campground
  • The COM2000 has the ability to insert local programming (produced in-house) such as ads for your local pizza place or restaurants. The locally inserted programming will be static pages and you can rotate several images on a single channel.
  • The COM2000 headend takes up much less space than a typical Analog Headend


TV Programming Packages for RV Parks

With DIRECTV you can treat your guests to over 100 channels starting at only $2.49 a month per unit.
You can give your guests the same channels they already like at home.

We’ll help you configure the best TV package for your RV Parks needs.


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